Mobile Plant & Equipment

Chase Underwriting understand the necessity for broad coverage in this sector, so the aim for our Mobile Plant & Equipment Policy is to ensure customers are offered an uncomplicated product that provides market leading coverage for their working assets.

Our Appetite

Our appetite is broad and includes the following:

  • Civil Contractors
  • Earthmoving
  • Plant Hire
  • Crane Operators
  • Elevated Work Platforms
  • Mining
  • Drilling
  • Agricultural (excl harvesters)
  • Grape and fruit harvesting.

Key Coverage Sections

Section 1 – Material Damage

Covering damage to property insured.

Section 2 – Increased Cost of Working

Covering increased cost of working resulting from damage to property insured.

Section 3 – Loss of Income

Covering the shortfall in average weekly income resulting from damage to property insured.

Section 4 – Road Risk Liability

Covering the insured’s legal liability in respect of property damage and/or personal injury arising from the use of a motor vehicle.

Key Standard Benefits

The following are some of the key standard offerings of our product:

  • Australia Wide Transit Cover (inc. Loading & Unloading)
  • Automatic Additions & Deletions: 90 Days – $500,000 limit any one item
  • Appreciation in Value: Limited to 25% of Sum Insured
  • Damage to Lifted Goods: $50,000 any one Occurrence / $100,000 in the aggregate
  • Dangerous Goods: $1,000,000 any one Occurrence
  • Dry Hire (Theft by Hirer)
  • Employee Effects: $5,000 any one Occurrence
  • Expediting Expenses: Lesser of 25% of repair / replacement costs or $150,000
  • Extra Costs of Reinstatement: 25% of the Sum Insured or $100,000 any one Occurrence, whichever is the lessor
  • Finance Gap Protection: Maximum of 20% of Market Value
  • Fire, Police and Emergency Services: $25,000 any one Occurrence
  • Hire Car Costs (following Theft only): $5,000 or 30 Days
  • Hired In Equipment (Blanket Cover): $50,000 any one Occurrence and in the aggregate
  • Locks & Keys: $2,500 any one item & $10,000 any one Occurrence
  • Market-Add-Value
  • Non-owned Trailer in Control: $100,000 any one Occurrence and in the aggregate
  • Recovery Costs (Damage): $250,000 any one Occurrence
  • Recovery Costs (No Damage): $100,000 any one Occurrence
  • Removal of Debris: $50,000 any one Occurrence
  • Repatriation/Accommodation Expenses: $10,000 any one Occurrence
  • Signwriting Expenses
  • Substitute Hire Costs: Lesser of 3 months or $100,000 any one Occurrence and in the aggregate
  • Loss associated with Undamaged Ancillary and/or Peripheral Equipment
  • Windscreen Replacement: $5,000 in the aggregate – no excess

Optional Benefits

The following Optional Benefits can be included on request:

  • Agreed Value
  • Ongoing Hire Charges
  • Finance Payment Protection
  • Loss of Hire Fees (Hired Out Items)
  • Breakdown

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